Salt Lake City’s haunted hotspots

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Halloween! One of my favorite holidays. Between horror movie marathons and free door-to-door sugar rushes from neighbors, there’s truly no better time of year… Unless you’re reaching that awkward age of too old to trick-or-treat but not old enough to do it ironically (ah, the hipster’s dilemma). Never fear! Or rather, do. Because if you’re looking for some thrills instead of candy, there are plenty of so-called “haunted” spots around town.

Devereaux Mansion

Is there anything creepier than a little girl’s ghost? The grounds of Devereaux Mansion are supposedly haunted by an 8-year-old kid who likes to sing, hum and talk to herself. When she gets mad, she starts slamming doors and tossing things around, of course – I mean, what else do creepy kid ghouls do? You can believe it or not, but the only way to know for sure is to check it out.

The Alta Club

Famous (or infamous?) for a resident who supposedly fell asleep one night while holding a lit cigar, which promptly burned down the club’s top floor, taking the sleeping smoker with it. Urban legend has it that his ghost still roams the building, with many people having reported seeing something eerie that they can’t explain. Whether you believe it is up to you, but there’s no denying the fire happened – the smoke marks from the blaze are still etched in the upstairs windows. See for yourself if you dare.

You might talk up a big game, but SLC has some genuinely spooky spots. If you really want prove to your friends – and yourself – that there’s no such thing as ghosts, there are plenty of haunting grounds around for you to test out that theory.

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