Annual book festival gives readers chance to meet authors

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For the past 16 years, the annual Utah Humanities Council Book Festival has devoted two days to giving local Salt Lake City readers a chance to meet and interact with dozens of their favorite authors, and this year is no different. Slated to kick off at the Salt Lake Main Library on September 28 and 29, this year’s event is looking to be one of the biggest, can’t-miss attractions in town.

According to The Salt Lake Tribune, a whopping 120 writers from across the country will be flocking to the city at the end of the month, with an expected turnout of 2,000 people. The book fest is just one of 17 literary-themed events planned for September, with tons of readings and panels with poets and authors scheduled for the coming weeks. Last year, a grand total of 16,000 showed up to these gatherings, and it’s a safe bet that this year will be just as big, if not more so.

Now, even if books aren’t your thing or you don’t really know who any of these writers are (I was drawing a blank on a lot of them myself), that’s no reason to skip out! Between food trucks, a poetry slam and live music from singer-songwriter Kate MacLeod, the Book Festival is just yet another fantastic reason to get out of the house and stroll around the city for a fun weekend.

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