Within This Box & Outside These Doors

Listing Price: $342,900
Area: Bluffdale
Size: 2,167 sq. ft. / Acreage: 0.06
Bed: 4 / Bath: 3

Price Per Ft2: $158

Property Highlight:
New ~ Modern ~ Green

Request Private Viewing:
Sean - 801-913-3790

Within This Box & Outside These Doors
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Within this box, and outside these doors- is paradise built with our own two hands. Walls, and doors. Windows and floors.

It’s our evolution of destruction, construction, and then re-construciton of our lives that build our homes. Not to wax on poetically about how lives are built with metaphorical walls, but I have to admit that as we let light in from the windows of other people, experiences, failures, and accomplishments, we build our habits. We build our memories. Those moments add up to become our entire life itself. And where we house that life- becomes our home. Our physical world around us isn’t separate from our inner thoughts. They are intertwined. They mingle and mix and whirl around one another. They have both causation and correlation.

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I view our homes beyond its physical walls, and beyond its physical bricks and mortar. When others see just dirt and air, or cement and wood, I see a dinner table being set with running children in the yard. I see a car pull in after work, and feet propped up on the couch, and later, laughing as a hilarious Netflix series plays. I see Christmas morning with slippers, and I see early morning runs, and even the unpleasant bee sting that’s being soothed by a worried mother. I see life. I see memories and hope.

Selling new homes, isn’t selling new homes. It’s actually selling moments.

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