Retro Restoration

Sold Price: $545,000
Area: Holladay
Size: 3,341 sq. ft.
Bed: 4 / Bath: 3

Price Per Ft2: $163

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Retro Restoration
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| Listing compliments of Muve |

Where do I begin with this beauty? That’s what I said to myself when we first bought this bad boy. Phase one of this project seemed daunting, yet delightfully simple. We had to get rid of the ridiculously overgrown yard. (Scroll down for phase two: roof removal)

It’s always tough to decide what to keep and what stays. Leave too much and it can keep a house hidden. Take too much and it’s like getting a bad haircut.

Enter our landscape designer, Jayson with Land Form Design Group. He is our barber that came in with some much need advice on this mess of a do. Step one was to get rid of everything under 10 feet tall.

From there the plans he laid out were nothing short of amazing. See for yourself.

Some awe inspiring herb that are detailed in his plan are the following:

Phase two was something I fought for fr

om the beginning . When I saw this home I saw its glory in 1961… and in 1961 it had a flat roof. Please comment below if you have my back on this one!

If your having a tough time envisioning the modern masterpiece about to take shape then take a look at these photos. Overall here’s what we’re shooting for:

Stay tuned…