Real Estate Training – Social Media

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Check out the recap of the last Muve real estate training that sold out. A hands on bus tour of all their current properties and an insider look at how Muve remodels properties using interior design techniques, 7 years experience and a little bit of luck. Check out the info on the next training that will take place on 7/8/13 at 7pm where the Muve team and attorney Jeff Breglio will cover best social media practices and Jeff will talk about how to do it legally.


You can’t do business if you don’t market! It’s that simple. Deals won’t fall in your lap and homes do not sell themselves! Whether you are a wholesaler, flipper, landlord, real estate agent, hard money lender or really in any business at all, you MUST market yourself, your services, your company, your property and your brand!

Jeff Breglio, licensed attorney will be adding the “legal” dialogue, like trademarks and copyright, so that you can protect your brand–and yourself–as you go about marketing and selling. You should invest in a brand identity and then protect that investment!

This is a rare opportunity to get BOTH the sales training and the legal protection in ONE 2-hour class!

It is on MONDAY, JULY 8 at 7-9 PM
At 6965 Union Park Center Suite #100