Welcome to Our Life: Moving In

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Utah has some great people. We call them the Salt of the Earth. Meet the Dainings.

1. What were your favorite TV shows growing up?
Justin: I used to race home to watch Wishbone, Carmen San Diego, and Bill Nye the Science Guy. Perhaps the golden age of after-school programming?!

Teresa: -The Magic School Bus was my absolute favorite TV show. I still remember lessons I learned from that show…it actually helped me pass a test once in second grade!

2. Describe a typical Sunday:
Justin: Sunday mornings can go one of two ways depending on the level of revelry the night before. If we sleep in we take it real slow. One of us makes breakfast and we eat it in bed. If there is a Chelsea FC soccer match on I will watch that. If we don’t sleep in we attend dirt church. In that case you will find us running around in the mountains having the time of our lives!

Teresa: -Sunday is our cleaning day. Justin and I trade chore lists every other week–and yes, we call them chores. But no, we don’t get a dollar for each chore we complete.

3. Do you have a favorite smell?
Justin: I have always been a smeller. I try to catch a whiff of everything I lay my hands on! Is that weird? Oh well. My favorite smells include the inside of a book, the smell of pine trees in the mountains, and the smell of autumn leaves on the ground.
Teresa: -Growing up where we did, we would head to Lake Michigan in the summers as an escape from the humidity, in the springs and autumns to see the giant (to us!) waves, and in the winters to walk on the icebergs. Justin and I actually met on the frozen waters of Lake Michigan three years ago! I haven’t been able to get that distinct smell back since living in Salt Lake, except for our first time at Bear Lake this past summer. That familiar smell came back with such a force that I almost felt as if I was back home.

4. Describe what heaven is like in your imagination:
Justin: Heaven is being outside. In the mountains. In a body of water. In the woods.

5. When’s the last time you broke bread with someone?
Justin: We shared a meal with my parents last weekend to thank them for all of their help with our new house.

6. What do you want your tombstone to say:
Justin: “What a freakin’ life he lived!”

7. What is your favorite book and why?
Justin: I really enjoyed Wake Up, Sir! by Jonathan Ames

8. What age do you feel?
Justin: I’m almost 33 but I feel better physically than I did in my 20s. Mentally I feel older than 33 but in a good way. Life has become more peaceful as I’ve gotten older and experienced more of life’s ups and downs. So I think I’d say I feel 32, which is what I am now.

9. What is your favorite room in your home?
Justin: After the first week of living in our house I think the Kitchen is my favorite room. There is so much space to store our food, dishes, and utensils. I feel inspired to create delicious feasts when I am there!
Teresa: -No matter what home I’ve lived in, my favorite room has always been the living room. I can let go of everything that’s weighing me down, take off the mask of work/public life, and just be me. Lounging on the sofa. And enjoying a space I created.

10. Where did you grow up?
Justin: I was born in Ann Arbor, Michigan, home of the Michigan Wolverines (Go Blue!). I then spent a couple years in Kalamazoo, Michigan before moving to Grand Rapids, Michigan at the age of 4. I grew up in Grand Rapids and that’s where I consider myself “originally from”. Grand Rapids shaped my worldview. Ghana, West Africa expanded it (1.5 years of study abroad there). Salt Lake City is where I find myself growing now. Salt Lake feels like home now and I am proud to say that that is now where I’m from!
Teresa: -Both Justin and I were born and raised in Michigan. I grew up in a little farming suburb of Grand Rapids called Hudsonville, which is known for its delicious ice cream. When Justin and I started dating, we decided we wanted to start our lives together somewhere new and different. We sold all our furniture, paired down our life, packed up our Honda Fit with the rest of our belongings, and headed west. SLC has been extremely good to us. We’re both in really good shape and the happiest we’ve ever been.

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