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Matt Sneyd is a long time running members of the team and founded the group back in 2006. At 19 years old, Matt partnered with Greg and created a real estate investment company that started reviving homes all around the Salt Lake Valley. Matt believes in “copying genius, not creating mediocrity” and has learned the real estate business from the industry’s best. Matt’s use of data analysis for property acquisitions gives him a competitive edge. He also specializes in conceptual design work for remodel properties. Matt’s continued education and understanding of the real estate market allows him to hold the competitive advantage clients deserve.

As a well-rounded, young techy: he brings the fire. With knowledge in investments, buying, selling, renting, commercial and street, you’d probably be surprised to know that that he’s a true outdoorsman, who dips his toes in almost everything our beautiful state of Utah has to offer. He’s the guy that “knows a guy” for everything.

Matt’s motto is “work hard, play harder.” His personal and business foundation is based upon the principles of honesty, integrity and respect. These values, along with his extensive market knowledge foster the continued success of The Muve Group.

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