Things to do in SLC – 5 places in Salt Lake you probably didn’t know existed

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5 places in Salt Lake you probably didn’t know existed

Wondering what to do in SLC? Well, here ya go!

1.The Living Room. Located a short hike in the Foothills above SLC, the ratio of minimal exertion to amazing view, is in your favor on this short jaunt from the city. On a clear day you can see all the way to the Great Salt Lake, Lone Peak and perhaps even hear a few tunes from one of the live bands at Red Butte while relaxing on – you guessed it – actual living room furniture.

2. The Artesian Well. Established by Pioneers, this underground aquifer provides locals crystal-clear water year round. Located on the corner of 800 S and 500 E. This true urban oasis is not far from many of our homes.

3. A California Wine Tasting Room. Have you seen the bumper sticker that says: “Napa. Sonoma. Salt Lake.”? Ok, I may be exaggerating, but Kiler Grove Winery on 1300 S is a full service tasting room, with Cali wine. Using grapes grown in Paso Robles, on California’s Central Coast, the fruit is harvested from the vineyard, transported to SLC, where it is aged in barrels and available for your taste buds.

4. Rio Grande Depot. You’ve probably seen the sign on the top of this historic train depot, but have you ever been inside? Did you know there is an art gallery on the main level? How about the bi-weekly Saturday Farmer’s Market in winter? The award-winning restaurant? Make a day of this restored historical building, with architecture that will have you commenting “they sure don’t make them like they used to.”

5. Alleyways. SLC’s trademark is our wide streets. Between four lanes of autos, bike lanes and rail, it can be overwhelming and less than walkable. For a change of pace, amble up Exchange Place for pizza and sandwiches, go record shopping on Edison Street and, once the Eccles Theatre is complete, get ready for performances and festivals on Regent Street.