Don’t give up on selling your home this winter

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Let’s get this out of the way: Selling your home in winter can be tough. But is it impossible? Definitely not, though it is the hardest time of year to try selling your house. For one thing, homeowners with families can be reluctant to move in the winter because that can mean taking your kids out of school right in the middle of the year. On top of that, think about how big of a pain it is already to move furniture in and out of a place, on and off of a truck, up and down the stairs. Now imagine doing all of that when it’s snowing out or when the sidewalks are covered in ice – that’s even less fun.

But again, it’s not impossible! And market conditions actually make this year a particularly good time to sell your home in the winter. In 2013, we saw plenty of home buyers rushing back into the market, but limited inventory meant that there weren’t many options available to choose from. Fast-forward six or 12 months later, and that demand still exists and those buyers are still there, looking to try their luck again in a less competitive season.

This is great news for both first time sellers and experienced homeowners alike, because it means there’s an opportunity for you to cash in on. So don’t give up! Selling in winter is still plenty doable, it just may take a little more effort than usual. If you live in Salt Lake City and need a little boost in getting your home to move, the Muve Real Estate Group can help you get that sale.