4 Things to Look for When Buying a Home

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In case you are looking for a new house to buy, you have probably decided to hire a professional home inspector to check the roof, the foundation and the house’s wiring. Yet, this does not mean you should leave everything to the inspection. Sometimes there are factors which are not so obvious, but can really have a negative impact in the long run.

House hunting is a serious task so be careful and watch out for the following potential problems:

  1. Stains caused by corrosion or water

Try to inspect the walls and especially those which are backing the bath or the shower. These walls are most likely to get damaged by moisture or water leaks. Such stains may not be a structural defect, but you must not overlook them as they will probably cost you a lot of money and cleaning efforts but without a guarantee that you will get them completely cleaned. It would be wise to also check the cabinets and especially those in the wet areas. Open them to see whether there is mold or musty smell coming from the inside. If you sense such odors, you will certainly have to deal with the dampness if you eventually buy the house. This will not only require a huge financial investment or a tough cleaning, but it may cause health problems to you and your family.

  1. Storage space availability

Most potential buyers neglect the storage space check and really regret it after they move in when it is already too late. Providing enough storage space is definitely a great asset of any home which will be even more beneficial for big families. Besides everybody’s clothes and accessories, you have to make sure that there will be enough room for trivial things like the vacuum cleaner, the domestic cleaning products, spare bedclothes and towels, tools, etc. Check whether there are enough cupboards or free space to build storage shelves on your own. It is better to think about your storage needs before closing the deal than wondering where you will accommodate all your possessions in the new home.

  1. Direct sunlight

The direction of the house and its windows are what will give you a hint on how much sunlight you can expect to enjoy in the given place. Yes, there is no doubt than you can always add or shut a window, but such changes in a home are usually not be very affordable. Winters may make some homes look cloudy and austere, but if you choose a house that faces south, you will not have to wait from summer to see some light. Opt for a home with windows that are ample and well-placed and your space will be warm, bright and cozy during the whole year. Everybody in your family, including the pets and even your favorite plants will appreciate the sunlight and will feel happy in the house you have chosen.

  1. Power points and their condition

A home with not enough power points, besides uncomfortable, can even be dangerous. With all the many modern gadgets that almost every household possesses, you should probably have to rewire the place to add extra power points and thus spend more money on the home. It is important to also check the wiring’s state to make sure no one will get harmed during the move or after it.

Just keep your eyes open and you will surely find the right place for you and your beloved family!


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