Salt Lake City is America’s most creative mid-sized city

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Seems like every other day, a new list comes out saying, “Salt Lake City is the top [blank] in the country.” Not that I’m complaining! The more that living in Salt Lake City gets the national recognition it deserves, the easier it makes my job! And the better for you – after all, if you’re buying a new home, you want to be sure that it’s a safe investment. So let this news come as yet another assurance that buying homes in Salt Lake City is a great decision for you and your family: SLC has been ranked as the most creative mid-sized city in America!

Now, being the best at anything is great news for us, but what exactly does “creative mid-sized cities” even mean? Let’s break it down:

This is an easy one. The “mid-sized” qualifier just comes from the poll’s look at the second 100 most populous cities in the country. In simpler terms: on a list of most populated American cities, “mid-sized” refers to numbers 101 to 200.

Now this is the tricker one. It’s hard to be objective when ranking creativity, but I think this one came pretty close. The criteria for a creative city, as defined by the study, is how many of these buildings it has:

  • Art galleries
  • Art schools
  • Art supply stories
  • Bookstores
  • Colleges and universities
  • Musical instrument stores
  • Performing arts centers
  • Theaters.

SLC ranked second in nearly all of these fields, which, when averaged together, came out as number one!

If you’re looking for a city bursting with charm and creativity, and can’t help but scoff at the housing prices of artistic towns like New York City and San Francisco, then give Salt Lake City a shot! We are top dog here after all. A Salt Lake City real estate agent at Muve Real Estate can show you available homes for sale that would be perfect for you and your family.