Optimism among Utah home builders is great news for Salt Lake City real estate

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The Salt Lake City real estate market is back on the mend, and for proof, look no further than our local builders themselves!

According to a new survey, reported by the Salt Lake Tribune, business is booming for building contractors across Utah. Not only are they planning to add even more jobs in the year ahead, but they’re also ranked as some of the most optimistic in the country, which is a great indicator of what’s to come for houses in Salt Lake City. After all, the more positive home builders are about their prospects, the more houses will be made available – and at more affordable prices too!

“Contractors are more optimistic about 2014 than they have been in a long time,” Stephen Sandherr, chief executive for the Associated General Contractors of America, told the news outlet. “Conditions are headed in the right direction.”

This is a huge turnaround from just a year ago, when Utah contractors had to lay off more employees than they hired. Now things are in reverse, as not only are these same builders reporting more hires and fewer layoffs in 2014, but are also expecting way more real estate activity in the coming months than most other states are. We already got to see a sneak peak of this in SLC last summer, when home sales and prices both jumped, while the inventory of available homes for sale fell and construction starts on new properties grew.

There’s no denying it: the SLC housing market is buzzing right now, and looks to get even hotter in 2014. If you want in on the ground floor for a high-end home in one of the country’s best-performing cities, then talk to a Salt Lake City real estate agent at the Muve Real Estate Group today! We can hook you up with a great new house tailored to your needs.