Salt Lake City among the country’s five best performing cities for 2013

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Every year, the Milken Institute surveys cities across the country, evaluating how good or bad their economies are, looking at criteria like employment figures, job opportunities, housing markets and so forth. These metros are then put up in a list, ranking them from best to worst on just how well they’ve performed for the year. Sounds stressful. But luckily not for us! Because Milken’s 2013 report has come out and Salt Lake City is in the top five!

According to the 2013 Best-Performing Cities survey, Salt Lake City came in fifth place for the entire country – not only a great placement in its own right, but even an improvement over last year, where Salt Lake City was number six on the list!

This is excellent news for anyone either living in Salt Lake City right now or looking to make the move in the near future. Here’s why:

“We’re looking at factors that can be measured with a series of metrics that aren’t subject to preference. [These metrics include] job growth and quality of jobs measured by wages,” said the study’s chief research officer, Ross DeVol.

Translation: The higher you place on the list, the more good, high-paying jobs are available in that city. And we’re fifth! Fifth place may not get you a medal in the Olympics, but here – out of literally hundreds of metros – it’s pretty awesome news for everyone.

And SLC wasn’t the only Utah city to score big this year. Provo also helped round out the top 5 by nabbing second!

So the numbers make it clear: If you’re looking for some of the best quality of life in the country with a healthy job market to support your livelihood, SLC is the place to be. If you’d like to make the move, hit up a Salt Lake City real estate agent at Muve Real Estate today, to learn all about the best homes for sale in the area.