Epic weekend for Salt Lake City

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Salt Lake City is one of the major hubs of metropolitan life in this big country of ours, so saying that this weekend will be a busy one is kind of redundant – every weekend here is busy and full of things to do or see. But this upcoming weekend promises to be a particularly epic one, with a whole slew of big events occurring.

Our local affiliate FOX 13 commented on the upcoming bonanza, reporting that over 250,000 people are expected to be in town this weekend attending a variety of things. One of the biggest draws, for sure, is the football game between the University of Utah and Weber State University. But there plenty of fun occasions for those that aren’t so big on sports. Pop culture aficionados can get their fill at Comic Con, a four-day convention that is expected to bring in 45,000 daily.

Ok, so comics aren’t your thing. Lucky for you that’s not the end of this weekend’s itinerary. According to ABC 4, the Greek Festival will bring a touch of culture and foreign food – along with 50,000 attendees. Not into gyros? That’s cool, you can always just shuffle over to Pioneer Park for the last Twilight Concert of the year, where MGMT will be headlining for a crowd of 40,000. With another 8,000 people expected in Salt Lake just to visit our downtown Farmer’s Market, this weekend will be one to remember.

“It’s going to be epic and everybody that didn’t go this year: they’ll wish they had and they’ll want to go next year,” Arkansas visitor Cathy Steiner told FOX. Couldn’t have said it better myself, Cathy.

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