Halloween hauntings around Salt Lake City

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Happy Halloween! Today’s the day for clever costumes, creepy decorations and socially acceptable sugar rushes… truly one of our country’s best holidays. For kids, especially, who will likely be ending their nights with bags stuffed with dozens of pieces of free candy and some serious stomach aches to show for it.

But for those too old to be trick-or-treating, don’t have kids to take around the neighborhood or simply want to do something “cooler,” there’s plenty around town for you too. While I’m sure there’s no shortage of parties to attend tonight, those are a dime a dozen. You can go to a party any night, regardless of the holiday. But there are few things genuinely creepier than visiting some legit haunted houses on Halloween.

Last week, we pointed out a couple of places in Salt Lake City that have earned a reputation for spooky, bizarre, unexplained weirdness. Today, we’ve got a few more to share with you. Don’t believe in ghosts? Want to prove you’re not scared? Then try hitting up these places… if you dare:

  • Memory Grove: Purportedly haunted by the ghost of a bride-to-be who was struck and killed by a car and now spends her afterlife dwelling in the Memorial House, where her wedding was supposed to be.
  • Rio Grande Depot: This 103-year-old home to the Utah State Historical Society is supposedly haunted by two ghosts – a woman who was killed at a train station after her fiancĂ© threw her engagement ring onto the tracks and a man who some believe is actually the ghost of the Depot’s builder, George Gould. Believe what you want, but the only way to prove this urban myth true or not is to see it for yourself.

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