Comic Con returning to Salt Lake City in 2014 after successful debut

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Comic Con is a sacred event for geeks and enthusiasts across the country, where all the latest and hottest names in the film, TV and comic book worlds gather under one cramped roof for a long weekend. People who make the trek out to San Diego every year just can’t shut up about how great it is – and it stings for the people who want to go but can’t get the travel plans together. Luckily for those people, Comic Con is branching out to more places, including Salt Lake City! This past September was the first-ever Salt Lake Comic Con, which ended up being such a huge success that it has secured a return appearance for next year!

According to Desert News, the 2013 Salt Lake Comic Con drew in over 75,000 people, making it the fourth-biggest Comic Con of the year and the largest debut for a Comic Con in North American history. Who would have thought so many fans were here living in Salt Lake City? People turned out in droves, dressed up in costumes, ready to sit in on panels with celebrities from shows like “The Walking Dead” and “Star Trek.”

In fact, attendance at this year’s show was so high – with lines snaking out the door – that organizers are doubling up on floor space for next year’s event, to help accommodate an anticipated crowd of 100,000 people! That’s a pretty absurd number, but hey, the people loved it.

“Comic Con was the best experience I’ve had in 5 ½ years in Utah,” one attendee told the news source. That just about says it all!

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