Going Green – Net Positive Remodel

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I recently had the pleasure of meeting a fellow mid-mod enthusiast and realtor while teaching a tech class at the Board of Realtors here in SLC. She saw what we were doing at Muve and expressed her own interests in renovation. Not only is she renovating/remodeling her mother’s home but she is also planning to make the home a net zero. Let me lay it out in layman’s terms; the home will produce more energy than it uses.

I have seen net zero new builds, but remodels are a different story. I have seen only a handful of remodels converted into a net zero. The reason is simple; it’s not easy or cost effective to turn older homes completely energy efficient. It’s easier starting from scratch, so for her daring feat, we tip our hats to Beverly for taking on this daunting task. Check out these pics of the freshly transformed property on Herbert Avenue. Full gallery below.

This property was renovated featuring everything lovable about mid-mod homes; natural light, spacious floor plan, stylish design, oh, and the gorgeous den. Relaxing here feels like escaping from reality to a lush mountainside. With the river-rock wall and distressed fireplace there is no better place to enjoy a glass of wine. If luxury isn’t your thing and technicalities are feel free to size up the all-original beams, rocks, and fireplace. The fireplace was actually stripped and the beautiful finish was discovered underneath.

The contrast of the silver accents, dark cabinets, and white island countertop mesh together for a perfect harmony. The open layout is also perfect for hosting parties.

What do you think about the lime green accent wall? The brightness adds to the space creating a warm but lively atmosphere. The inspiration: the rug. Where most people finish decorating, this owner started. Big risks equal big rewards.

If you’re not sold, let us relinquish the rest of the charm of this place. The recycled granite pavers in the backyard walkways only add to the charm. The flat roof on the garage will be covered in sedums and water-wise plants to double feature as a back yard. With a mother-in-law basement apartment this house is fully equipped for any need. Although, they added a garage they were smart enough to keep the original curb appeal of the carport. Oh, and one last thing, there is a big ass fan in the family room that is worth a look.

See Beverlys blog directly to see progress from start to finish.