Harvard/Yale Salt Lake City Neighborhood Highlight

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Harvard/Yale Salt Lake City Neighborhood Highlight

No, that’s not a typo in the title – one of the prime hotspots for Salt Lake City real estate is really called Harvard/Yale! New England may have the schools, but they don’t own the names!

And while you won’t find either of those Ivy League colleges here, what you will find is a range of upscale, historic homes for sale with some of the most unique residential architecture you’ll see in the Downtown area. These distinctive old houses are bursting with charm and character, and the streets of mature shade trees help complete the cozy, neighborhood image. But don’t let words like “cozy” give you the impression that these Salt Lake City homes are tiny – just the opposite! They’re plenty big, offering tons of space for the whole family.

Which is especially great, since the neighborhood is a very family-friendly one! In Harvard/Yale, you’re within walking distance of plenty of great attractions, like the Steiner Aquatic Center, Hogle Zoo and Bonneville Golf Course. Parents should take note that this is a great place to raise kids, too, who can reap the value of private education at Rowland Hall-St. Marks and – after graduating high school – enjoy an extremely easy commute to the University of Utah.

With a wide range of bungalows and prairie style houses that run the gamut from large residences to single-level dwellings, there’s no shortage of quality houses in Salt Lake City to choose from in Harvard/Yale.

Does this sound like your kind of neighborhood? Or, are you still not convinced and maybe need a little more info before making a decision? No sweat! That’s what Muve Real Estate is here for. Our team of Salt Lake City realtors can help you find the best place in town for you to get settled!