We’ve Got Dance Muves Too

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In true fashion of our “work hard, play hard” mentality our team got funky last weekend and showed everyone our dance muves.

At our annual company Christmas party a select few from our brokerage, Windermere, practiced the dance from the hit song, Gangnam style. Once the strings wrapped up for the night it was time for the DJ to have his time to shine. That’s when he dropped the beat. That was our signal to hit the floor, flash mob style.

I am by no means a dancer but after I get a few drinks in me I can throw down. I am on the far right of the screen, the guy who is about 1-2 beats off the whole time. Did I mention I was tone deaf as well? We thought we were so good we ended up doing the dance a second time that night. I wasn’t any better the second time around.

We hope you enjoy this low quality video as much as we did.

Featured photo courtesy of http://www.csmonitor.com/