9th & 9th Neighborhood Highlight

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9th & 9th

Salt Lake City has plenty going for it, but a reputation as a “walking town” isn’t necessarily one of them. If you like getting around on your feet, there are plenty of parks and trails around, but if you’re gonna be heading into town, your best bet is to take a car with you. But a quickly-growing hub of small businesses downtown is slowly changing that, with the up and coming 9th and 9th neighborhood offering plenty to see and do, all within walking distance.

Named after its location at the intersection of 900 South and 900 East, 9th and 9th is packed to the brim with locally owned small businesses that provide a ton of different services, all practically next door to each other. Looking for exotic cuisine? You have your choice of Thai and Middle Eastern restaurants. Want to spend your day checking out a new movie? Plenty of artsy offerings at the Tower Theater. Guys in need of something that says “I’m sorry!” for whatever dumb mistake they made can find a variety of apology-worthy flowers at Orchid Dynasty. The place has gotten such a high profile lately, it even scored a write-up in The Washington Post!

Simply put, 9th and 9th is one of SLC’s major hotspots. Whether you’re looking for food, clothes, furniture, movies, household decorations – basically anything you can think of – you’re sure to find it in this cozy neighborhood. Best of all, your purchases here support local Salt Lake businesses, so win-win!

Hanging around and shopping at 9th and 9th is one of those great insider privileges that living in Salt Lake City affords. If you want to learn more of these kinds of offerings around town, you’ve gotta come see for yourself! A Salt Lake City real estate agent at Muve Real Estate can help show you some amazing homes for sale perfect for you and your family!