Utah’s Own- Moab EJS & Red Rock

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In lieu of the warm weather finally arriving (and hopefully staying around long enough to start officially bringing out shorts and tanks) we wanted to share a pretty awesome, and rather unique, off-roading, tradition of some team member, Moab’s very own- Easter Jeep Safari!

This is a week-long event that transpires annually around the weekend prior to and continued thru the weekend of Easter, stretching across miles of Moab’s backcountry terrain. Although the official Dirt Riot race event(s) have become something of EJS’ past, there are still an array of memorable events that take place throughout the week of Easter Jeep Safari.

One pretty notable event in 2017’s EJS was the Moab Trail Breaker event, ultimately an epic rock crawling challenge for the best of the best (crawlers and drivers) to skillfully compete through various “virgin obstacles” appointed by the course designer, Rich Klien, who basically scopes out all untouched rally-potential areas of the desert in search of the “biggest, baddest rock formations possible”. Uniquely- the winner of this event receives a pretty sweet award in that they have the honor of naming the trail breaker trail!

Additional events include various trail riders for clubs as well as a pretty sweet Off-Road Expo, where a ton of vendors have the chance to showcase their newest, coolest and most innovative products. Products range from custom rigs, built to perform in specific types of wheeling, to stock off-road vehicles, parts, tools, swag- you name it!

Those attending the event have the option to stay in hotels in town or venture slightly off-grid to setup camp- the second of which being what we prefer since we all truly appreciate every chance we get to be one with nature! Getting out of our professional attire and out into as many areas around Utah has actually become a new goal we collectively made as a team this year!

A fundamental part of the Muve’s core values have always been to help discover & support as many sectors of our beautifully versatile state to help encourage and promote in order to maintain sustainability for all who reside here. We love participating in and helping facilitate awareness of everything local- ranging from nature areas native to our state to various businesses surrounding our neighborhoods.

Check back often to see what else we have the chance to discover, experience & want to share with the rest of our neighbors!