I’m More Artsier Than You

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Sometimes I forget how many cool friends I have. I was cruising around on Facebook the other day, and luckily came across a high school friend of mine that was making some cool art out of reclaimed wood. In honor of the 4th of July (and the upcoming 24th for those of you who are local to Utah) she was making some American flags. Since Cody and I were in the midst of finally getting our own furniture into the Atomic Ranch property, that Muve remodeled and he is purchasing, we were on the hunt to fill it with cool new furniture and art. As a firm believer in the law of attraction, I stumbled upon her post and thought these would look great in our property. We decided to get an American flag, as that was what she was making, plus Cody was “made in America”. I requested a Canadian flag, as my family is originally from Canada and I wanted to rep my home land.

To get to the point, they look badass. Plus, they are affordable. In our search for art we found it tough to get anything cool and unique for under $100 (unless you go to Ikea, which I’m burnt out on). Since I’m a cheap ass at heart I was very disappointed, until I saw these gems. She is selling these awesome pieces for only $75 a pop. Better yet, you can buy 2 for $100. If that isn’t good enough, well, they are made to order, she will make anything you request. So go ahead and call her and tell her what country you’d like to represent. Shit, go all out and make your house look like an Olympic park and order 20 of them. I’m sure she won’t mind 😉

Contact Kandice to order your custom locally made art.

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