Less is Moore

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Living in an 800-square foot home isn’t everyone’s idea of domestic bliss. Being experienced in Real Estate, I wonder whether a couple can ‘happily’ reside in such a small footprint and whether that space will truly accommodate their daily needs.

Minimalist living is a very popular lifestyle concept right now, but it’s not for everyone. (A hoarder’s worst nightmare that’s for certain!) Minimalist, intentional living requires dedication and diligence and it’s a mindset the Muve Group has utmost respect and love for.

This is the story of the Moores – Jesse, Kimberly and their adorable pug. They’re successful owner/operators of ‘modern-atelier’ – a creative partnership specializing in videography. We hope you enjoy and feel inspired by their life of creativity and adventure.

A side note from modern- atelier, a.k.a. the Moores:
“We’re continually striving to build a life full of intention, experiences, creativity, and meaningful connections with others. Traveling and videography are two of the ways we manifest such intention in our lives. Together, we’ve traveled the world and experienced its wonders – the magnificence of the northern lights above Norway, the ancient temple ruins in Cambodia, traversing volcanoes in Nicaragua, and setting up camp along the pristine beaches of Baja. The captivating people we’ve met along the way remain our inspiration to continue exploring. Later this year we’ll venture to Japan, Scandinavia and Morocco, cameras in hand of course!

Several years ago, we decided to harness our passion for creativity into what is now our thriving business, ‘modern-atelier’. A life-changing trip to Paris was our ‘aha moment’, where we became obsessed with the French word ‘atelier’ (meaning “workshop”). We began referring to our home as ‘the atelier.’ Our atelier is currently focused on creating videos, but we’ll continue to explore new creative outlets, because we pride ourselves on our ability to flow and evolve.

In six years, we’ve minimized our home and our lives, gradually removing anything that didn’t add value, to devote our resources toward a life of intention. We applied this same philosophy to our search for our first home, with a seemingly challenging list of ‘must have’ features. (A place to gather and welcome family and friends within a strong and vibrant community. Adequate in size, so as not to occupy excess space, and a structure that would challenge our creativity, at a price that would allow continued adventures to new horizon and cultures).

Muve Group helped us find the ideal home and we couldn’t be more grateful or content. Here’s to an inspired, creative life. Happy trails to you!”

If you’d like to follow in the Moores diminutive environmental footprints, we at the Muve Group can help you find a property that stirs your creative juices and appeals to your eco-conscious awareness. Call Sean at the Muve Group on 801.474.2274.