Beneath the Blue Suburban Skies

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John Lennon once sang, “Whenever I’m home, everything seems to be right.” Where we are from has such a deep impact on our lives. Many of us grew up beneath the blue suburban skies- and couldn’t be happier.


It’s funny how time passes so quickly. Spring melts into summer, and then fall blooms in brilliant colors. Even though technically fall isn’t here yet, it appears as if they it’s right around the corner. And like F. Scott Fitzgerald says- Life starts over when it gets crisp in the fall. Maybe it’s time for you to start a new chapter. Maybe that chapter starts right here.

This great home is for sale. It’s located in South Weber, Utah. Surrounded by beautiful parks, this home also has incredible views of Weber Canyon, and other mountain ranges from all angles. It’s indoors are comfy enough to cook up a great meal in your loafers, or relax in an unbelievable outdoor living space. With 4 spacious bedrooms, and indoor gym space, this home is a perfect place for a growing family.

I can imagine the person buying this would look something like this: someone that wants to be in a great location near mountains, shopping and dining. They’re smart, financially savvy- practical. Maybe he’s a graphic designer. Perhaps she’s a photographer, or a teacher. Whoever they are, maybe they have a dog, maybe even a cat. They like things simple. When they spend, they spend on quality. Maybe they’re the outdoorsy type. Perhaps they ski, and fish. One thing is for sure- they are going look at this home and feel that it’s a perfect way to spend their time, and live their life inside of its walls.

And a note to the person buying this home: These walls will house moments, your moments; some of the most precious moments of your life. This will be place you will cook breakfast in your pajamas, or stay up late watching your favorite Netflix series. It will be a place with a dining room where you will eat your holiday meals. It will be a place with a kitchen and a sofa and a closet full of your clothes, your things, your family, and friends. In time, this brand new house will become your home. Not because of the walls, but because of what will happen within them.

If you want to take a look, I’d love to show you around. Call me anytime (801)913-3790, or email me: I can answer any questions that you have.