Capitol Hill Neighborhood Highlight

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As unbelievable as the view is, good looks aren’t the only thing to Capitol Hill.

We’re back with another installment of Muve TV! This time we’re putting the spotlight on the one and only Capitol Hill. No, not THAT Capitol Hill, the one right in downtown SLC. Though in my opinion, our Capitol Hill is just as impressive.

In case you haven’t already seen for yourself in our video, Capitol Hill gets its name from the Utah State Capitol building that is – naturally – sitting on top of a hill right downtown. The design creates this crazy effect where the streets slope upward into the Capitol building, giving people up there an incredible view that stretches all across the city. But as unbelievable as the view is, good looks aren’t the only thing to this neighborhood.

The “Marmalade District” – what we call the western slope of the Hill – offers potential homeowners a ton of housing choices made from a slew of design aesthetics, including Victorian mansions, Gothic revival homes and “mutts” built out of brick, adobe and carpentry. It’s not your typical-looking neighborhood, but it’s a unique one you won’t find anywhere else, with plenty of luxurious houses and condos to call home.

While the neighborhood is in walking distance of downtown, there’s plenty to see and do in just this area. “Movie Under the Stars” screenings held on the south lawn of the Capitol over the summer give families and friends somewhere to hang out, while Scenic Memory Grove gives kids and pets a place to just run around and have fun.

Tons of excellent schools around too, like the University of Utah, LDS Business College and – for younger kids – the Salt Lake School District, which has a pretty outstanding record for churning out accomplished graduates.

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