Small Lake City – Brandon Heugly

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Salt Lake City has many stories waiting to be told. Many stories show how Small Lake City has received its name. This first story is from a wonderful individual who I have recently gotten to know better who is inspiring “kiddos” and adults in a very different age we live in.

Brandon Heugly of The Ripple Affect 2016—

“I started Ripple Affect because the world is heavy for me, it’s heavy for all the clients I see and most particularly for the kiddos that I work with. When I was going through really difficult times, I took solace in the fifty minutes I had with my counselor every week, but I at times craved an immediate catharsis during the remaining 167 hours (and 10 minutes) that made up the rest of the week. So after graduate school at the University of Utah and countless hours working with individuals who also are being crushed by personal or global struggles, I decided to take a risk in building a safe haven for people to drop in and be welcomed by genuine, knowledgeable and most importantly, LOVING staff.”

“On a more reflective note, if I had a resource similar to Ripple Affect after my traumatic childhood, while adjusting to being adopted as a teen, or after my painful divorce from my best friend, I hopefully would not have spent as much time trying ineffective methods to heal my sorrows and wounds. During my healing journey I lost my God, I gained unhealthy habits, I lost integrity, I held on to bitterness and anger, I sabotaged every good thing I had going for me. I learned the hard way that there is a more effective way to honor the process of healing. Gentle yoga, unconditional positive regard, and mindfulness and meditation, brought me back from some very dark spaces.”

“I like to believe that we expedite the healing process by being available to sit with you, stretch with you, have a cup of tea, cry with you, or simply hold a space where the whole range of “affect” can be expressed. If we can help even one individual have a better day, that will instigate a profound ripple that will reach numerous people.”

“I’m not exceptional at anything except for my ability to connect with people where they are at; in heaven or hell, I’ve been there and have found ways to bring light and love back into my life. I’m continually grateful for my journey, and I hope to make the journey smoother for those with whom I have the pleasure to connect with.”

The world is heavy, but it feel light and hopeful inside Ripple Affect. #smallLakeCity #muveyourself #RippleAffect