Promontory Park City – The Muve Group Mountain Modern

Sold Price: $1,785,000
Area: Park City
Size: 3,888 sq. ft. / Acreage: 1.02
Bed: 4 / Bath: 5

Price Per Ft2: $459

Property Highlight:
Single Level Living - Free Club Membership - Mountain Modern Design

Request Private Viewing:
Cathy - 801-244-5827

Promontory Point
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It’s been a long time coming, but our Promontory Park City house is finally finished and the new owners are moving into it in just a few short days! We are stoked to have this place in our portfolio and proud to bring you the final photos and video. ——->

Now that we are done, let’s look back on the past two years to see how we got to this point. We approached this project in a unique fashion, mostly because this was unlike any project we have ever done before. Like many of our past projects, we wanted to push the envelope in regards to design while also keeping it simple and usable. That can actually turn into a daunting task with a house this size and a neighborhood of this stature. It’s easy to get out of hand and venture away from the original vision. Although I am a bit biased, I think we nailed it on this one and we are definitely proud of our creation. You will see many things in this house that are reminiscent of some of our past projects but are further accentuated. This is because we got to start from scratch. Up until now we have always started with an existing home and have worked to revive it and transform it into something beautiful for your viewing pleasure. Many of the ideas we’ve wanted to incorporate into a home were never possible, mainly because of the restrictions that were imposed simply because we’ve had an existing structure that we’ve had to work around. Some things that we really got to have fun with on this one are high ceilings (16ft in some areas), butterfly style roof, tall garage doors, tall glass in every room and real exposed beams throughout the house.

When we started to design this project, we had to get inside the head of who we thought the potential buyer of the home would be. We did a ton of market research on Park City, more specifically Promontory. We could see a shift coming. The area where we decided to purchase a lot was long considered a less desirable area. But with market conditions quickly changing and prices quickly rising we saw the Palisades subdivision as a desirable neighborhood for a new type of owner that we are likely to see a lot more of in Promontory. That buyer is a full-time resident, instead of a part-time or seasonal owner, that either works in Park City, Heber or even Salt Lake. With the home being near the entrance to the Club it was only a few short minutes to the freeway entrance, 10 minutes to Main St. Park City and 25 minutes to Salt Lake. That’s a commute that rivals driving from downtown SLC to Draper, which 1,000’s of Utah residents make every day. The upside to our commute – no traffic (unless we get a massive snow storm). It’s located in the happy medium between the daily necessities and posh amenities that Promontory club has to offer exclusively to its owners. Lastly, we wanted to stay affordable. $1.8MM may not seem affordable to most, but in Park City, it’s hard to find anything for under $500k and it’s quickly becoming hard to get anything under $700k. Add in the golf club and endless amenities that Promontory has to offer and you’re looking at $1.5MM as an entry level price for this area.

The next thing we went out on a limb with was that we built out, not up. When we first bought our lot there was not one single house to our knowledge that offered single level living. When researching the reason for this, to my surprise, I found out that in Park City’s above grade square footage is given the same value as below grade square footage. This is a quality that is unique compared to most other markets. Usually below grade is less desirable and therefore, not as valuable. I think this is the reason most people tend to build basements. You get more bang for your buck. More house, more value, but less cost to build. Anyways, we love one level living as it provides the opportunity for a great open layout, views from all rooms, natural light everywhere and also a smaller home still feels large and roomy. Since we purchased our lot, there have been a few other single level houses that have been built but we are by far still in the minority. This gave us a competitive advantage. On top of that we went modern, as you could have guessed. To cap things off, we had a few other unconventional ideas up our sleeve to make sure we stood out, like small, yet very functional bedrooms and closets. This allowed to give as much space to the main entertaining areas where the real party takes place. After all, you just use your bedroom for sleeping (for the most part). Other Muve qualities can be spotted throughout, like quartz counters, high-end cabinets, canned lighting, floating backlit mirrors, stainless appliances, hardwood floors, white walls, chrome hardware and of course our signature blue/grey wood stain.

You honestly never know how it’s going to turn out, but this one turned out great. We want to thank all our contractors, subs, trades, designers, investors and partners for their hard work. It could not have been possible without you.

What’s next for us you ask? Stay tuned. We may have another one up here in the works. Not only that, but we have our Orchard Acres homes in Millcreek that we will be filling you in on any day now as we are about to break ground on this project. Our Lux Twins on 4500 S are now receiving the green light on the final permit and we may be exploring a small boutique multifamily project in downtown Salt Lake slated for 2016 that we are quite tickled about. I think it’s safe to say that you’ll be seeing a lot from us in regards to development for the unforeseeable future. We hope that you are as excited as we are about it.

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