Utah Business Magazine Twenty in their 20s Features Matt & Cody

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We are extremely excited for Matt Sneyd & Cody Chamberlain to be receiving this awesome award from Utah Business Magazine! These two have worked extremely hard over the past 7 years together to achieve this and we can not wait for what will come in the future from them!

Constantly pushing the envelope along with the 18+ hour work days have allowed these two to make a major impact in the SLC real estate community. Stay tuned for years of BIG new things from Matt, Cody and the entire Muve Group team!

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“Many people in their 20s haven’t yet decided what they want to be when they grow up, but that isn’t the case for the group of twenty-somethings Utah Business is honoring in its first-ever Twenty in their 20s award program. From funding and owning their own companies to moving up the corporate ladder at record speed, these young, business-savvy executives are bringing new ideas and a fresh approach to Utah’s business community. Join us as we celebrate what’s sure to be just the beginning of their successful careers.” – Rachel Madison – Utah Business Magazine