Great Schools in Sugar House Utah

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Perhaps a truly idyllic location for younger couples looking to settle down or relocate, Sugar House Utah is a great location for children and families to grow. Additionally, Sugar House Utah is home to some of Salt Lake City’s finest public and private schools. Located merely a few blocks from Sugar House Park, both Beacon Heights and Dilworth Elementary (grades K-6) have received a consistent rating of 10/10 on Additional, noteworthy elementary schools in the same area include Emerson, Hawthorne, and Uintah. Nearby Clayton Middle School is a wonderful Junior High, into which most elementaries feed. Clayton is famous for its over-the-top play productions the schools puts on each year. The school vehemently supports the arts and all students are required to perform in the plays throughout the year. If you’re looking into private education, nearby Rowland Hall St. Marks (K-12) is a mere five minute drive from Sugar House. Also nearby is Our Lady of Lourdes (K-8, private catholic school), which feeds into Judge Memorial, a private Catholic school. Public high schools include the world famous East High School (of Disney’s High School Musical series),which is just as famous for its academic and athletic success as it is boosting Zac Efron’s career. In addition to these already, well-established schools, there is also Highland High School, which garnered international notoriety for its incredibly talented and successful rugby teams. In addition to its aesthetic antiquity, Sugar House Utah is one of the more ideal locations in which to settle down. The area is perfect for young couples and families who are looking for the best combination of neighborhood and educational quality for their children. Whether you’re relocating to Sugar House Utah for the sake of a career change or looking to plant roots in a socially responsible neighborhood, this area of Salt Lake may be the very place you’re looking for.