More suggestions for improving resale value

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At Muve Real Estate, our business isn’t just in helping people buy homes in Salt Lake City, it’s also about helping homeowners in the area to sell. The housing is always changing – one month it’s a good time to buy, the next it’s a good time to sell. It’s enough to make your head spin, even if you are in the industry, following the market’s every up and down. Things should run a little smoother this year – fingers crossed – with more buyers rushing to land their dream home. All this means that, if you’re looking to sell your house, 2014 is the time.

But selling your house has a certain art to it – nothing too complicated, but there are some definite do’s and don’t’s to getting your property to move. And that’s where we come in! Whether you’re first time sellers or experienced homeowners, we can provide all the assistance necessary in getting your house to sell and make you some dough in the process.

The trick to this is upping your home’s value, so that the resale price leaves you in the black. Earlier this week, we shared a few tips you from Houzz about how you can boost your house’s resale value, but here are a few more you can take to the bank:

  • Landscaping: A home that looks good will sell well. Investing into some eye-catching landscaping work – like gardens, fountains, hanging plants, new trees and so on – can do a lot to add to your property’s value.
  • Keep it clean: Even the most modest of blemishes on your house can cost you a sale. Power wash your house’s exterior walls or walkways so that potential buyers will see that nicely buffed sheen instead of any wear and tear.

Want more tips on how to sell your home and get top dollar for it? Muve Real Estate can help! Just hit us up today to learn more!