15th & 15th Neighborhood Highlight

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15th & 15th

Welcome back for another edition of Muve TV! Today, we’ll be covering one of Salt Lake City’s best-kept secrets: The 15th and 15th district!

This little neighborhood is tucked away, somewhat off the beaten path of Downtown, but is one of the prime hotspots for Salt Lake City real estate. It’s only one block long, stretching from 1500 South to 1500 East, but it’s got plenty packed into a small space.

For one thing, it’s a hub of small businesses. Local SLC residents have set up shop here, offering neighbors in the area a wide variety of things to see or do and attractions you won’t find anywhere else in town. The Blue Cockatoo Gallery is stocked with tons of eccentric but helpful offerings, handpicked from street festivals and craft fairs, to give the customers all-in-one access to anything from jewelry to diaper bags. It’s quite the selection (if you didn’t pick that up already) and the kind of store you’ll only find in 15th and 15th.

Or you can stop by Mazza, for authentic and delicious Lebanese cuisine. Nothing beats a good plate of shawarma, and you’d be hard-pressed to find a better place in town for it than here. Or if you want something a little more traditional and romantic, you can check out the Fresco Italian Cafe on the block, which serves up exquisite Italian food. The place only has 13 tables, but instead of feeling cramped, it makes for an intimate dinner (guys, take note!).

Last but not least, the homes! That is, after all, why you’re reading a Salt Lake City Real estate agent blog. The 15th and 15th neighborhood features some fantastic craftsman bungalows, offering a cozy living space in a cozy area of town.

If you like the idea of living in Salt Lake City, but are worried about the hustle of metro life, 15thand 15th could be the place for you!