Why holiday home-buying may be worth it after all

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When I say “December,” what comes to mind? Carrying Christmas trees, exchanging gifts, building snow forts, days off from school and work. Buying a house? Not so much. It’s no secret that the holiday season isn’t exactly prime time for home shopping, and there are plenty of understandable reasons for that. For one thing, it’s the holidays, you know? You’re busy! You’ve got presents to wrap and vacations to plan, and you’re not exactly allocating a ton of free time and money to a little old thing like buying a house.

It’s also not the most convenient time of year either. Moving is hard enough as it is, but when the ground is covered in snow and ice? Forget about it. And if you have kids, expect plenty of protesting at the mere suggestion of making them change schools halfway through the year.

That’s all true… usually. But this year, maybe just this once, holiday home-buying might actually be worth it.

Here’s why. Homeowners who are putting up homes for sale at this time of year already know all this. So why go ahead anyway? Because they’re desperate to get them sold. And for both experienced and first time home buyers, desperation means wiggle room. If the initial asking price is a bit out of your reach, you have a better chance to talk it down because the seller just really wants to get that property off the market.

The way the housing recovery has worked out this year also plays a huge part in this. Whether from too-high prices or not enough places to choose from, there were a lot of buyers who came out of the spring and summer empty-handed. Rather than wait six months ’til next spring, these guys are going to want to get back in the game ASAP.

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