New transportation plans unveiled for Sugar House neighborhood

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One of the cool things about living in Salt Lake City – and definitely one of its major benefits over places like LA – is how public transportation-friendly the town is. SLC is not much of a walking city (though there are plenty of trails and hiking spots that’ll get your feet moving) and getting around in cars, while totally doable, is always a costly prospect for all the obvious reasons: Gas, insurance, car payments and so on. But there’s no shortage of biking or train opportunities to help you get around, and they’re about to get even better in Sugar House.

Earlier this month, the City Council approved a plan that would enormously overhaul the neighborhood’s public transportation options. News affiliate FOX 13 has the scoop on the project, which looks to cover a range of different choices that commuters can take advantage of. According to the source, the city has already laid down lines for new street cars that will run north, up on 1100 East, although they still don’t quite know what to do with the roads once the rail is done.

Trains aren’t your thing? More of a bike person? You’re still covered. Residents with Salt Lake City homes in Sugar House will have plenty more biking chances to get around, thanks to the addition of new bike lanes and various widening or narrowing of different roads – giving more room for bikers and drivers to occupy roads peacefully.

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