Study: Kids growing up in Salt Lake City more likely to find economic success

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I love finding new studies or surveys that measure, in black and white numbers, just how great living in Salt Lake City is. Partly for the vindication and partly because if you’re looking to move here, you want to know for sure that the city is right for you and your family.

Well in case you were on the fence, keep this mind when looking at houses in Salt Lake City: Kids raised here are more likely to be economically successful than kids from other cities.

That’s a bit of a loaded sentence, so let me break it down. Basically, Harvard and UC Berkeley conducted a joint study looking at the “economic mobility” of the 100 biggest metros in the U.S., meaning, the potential from being born in the bottom 20 percent of income levels to, as adults, rise to the top 20 percent. In other words, the capability of becoming rich and successful even if you come from a low-income family.

The result? There’s no better place for that kind of success than SLC. Kids raised here are more likely to hit the top 20 percent than kids from any other big city. And the reason why is even better: It’s because of our stable grounding for families. Whereas other large metros may have single-parent families, it’s practically unheard of here comparatively.

Is there anything new families like to hear more than “strong family values” and “successful kids?” Planting your roots in SLC is practically a guarantee for kids to grow up in stable environments with healthy values and the greatest possibility of future success. And that’s not just me talking, that’s science.

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