Salt Lake City among most livable cities in America

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In every single one of these blog posts, I talk up how great living in Salt Lake City is. The people, the stores, the neighborhoods, the trails, the picnic spots, the views and so on. This town is an amazing place to live and proves that every day. But, I get it, I'm a Salt Lake City real estate agent, of course I want to promote my town, why take what I have to say at face value? Well, hello validation! Because the numbers are in, and Salt Lake City is officially one of the most livable cities in the entire United States! 

The rankings were put together by, which has spent the last few months studying America's small and midsize cities for a ton of different quality-of-life factors, like schools, health care, public transportation, homes for sale and other general amenities. And in what the research group dubbed America's "Top 100 Best Places to Live," SLC placed seventh

According to The Salt Lake Tribune, SLC scored the biggest points in health care and education, which should be especially good news for families that live here or are looking to move in the future. A life in Salt Lake means easy access to top-notch schools and quality medical treatment. 

There was some other great Utah representing going on in the list, with Provo sliding into 16th and Murray just making the cut at 97th. But the big news here is that Salt Lake City is numero seven. Take pride in that, Salt Lakers.

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