New eco-friendly bistro opens downtown

Living in Salt Lake City means living on the cutting edge, with tons of hot trends from across the country at play here too. One of the biggest bandwagons that people are jumping on left and right is energy efficiency, making their homes, businesses, cars and what have you more eco-friendly. Going green is all about saving money and reducing impact on the environment, so it’s good news all around. And the more we see of energy efficiency in our daily lives, the better off we are for it. So Salt Lake residents can hang their hat on a new bit of pride: our first green restaurant!

No, I don’t mean a vegetarian restaurant (we’ve got plenty of those already!), but a restaurant that has been given LEED certification. LEED means Leadership in Energy Efficiency and Design, a.k.a., totally clean, renewable and environmentally-friendly. The new place is called Bistro 222 and you can find it on Main Street in the lobby of the Goldman Sachs building.

The Salt Lake Tribune recently did a small profile on the restaurant, sharing the “strict standards for sustainable design, construction, operation and maintenance” the place had to adhere to in order to get this kind of certification. In other words, it’s legit.

Clean energy is one thing, but how about the food? A quick rundown of the menu tells you there’s plenty to choose from: pasta, steak, seafood, pizza, salads and sandwiches. Personally, I’ve got my eye on the pork belly burger with fried egg – sounds absolutely dynamite.

Good food and energy efficient? Bistro 222 is a winning combo. Go check it out ASAP.

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