Keepin’ It Real

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Here at Muve we understand the importance of re-incorporating certain “original” features back into our Muve modern homes. This strategy can be seen in our Millcreek Modern project located on 2400 east. We preserved 24 cabinet pulls from the original built-ins that were just screaming Mid-Mod! We took these cabinet pulls to a local powder coating company where they were refinished in satin black and will be reinstalled on our new cabinetry. We also have restored a major throw back feature at our Juniper Way project. During our due diligence period, we discovered an original flat roof hidden under the existing pitched roof. In typical fashion, we muve’d that roof right into the dumpster, restoring the home back to the original look. These are just two examples of the many different features we are re-incorporating back into our Muve homes.

This throw back tactic has been sparking interest within the mid mod scene. Buyers, agents, and our current followers have really started to enjoy what we are accomplishing by doing this. It feels good to sit back as a team and receive compliments on our work.

Although Muve has stepped up our game with the size and extent of our remodels, we will continue to keep an eye on any feature that will preserve the originality of the home.