New community center opens in Salt Lake

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One of the main topics I like to cover on this blog is the incredible and diverse amount of things there are to do for people living in Salt Lake City. After all, if you’re looking to move here, I want you to know that this city of ours has no shortage of activities and events to keep you occupied for whenever you’re looking for something. But I also know that there are plenty of families looking to move here whose main concern isn’t where to spend their Saturday nights but how Salt Lake can best nurture and help your kids grow. And I’d be remiss to gloss over the many offerings Salt Lake City can provide for your family.

One of our newest developments on that front, and definitely something the whole city prides itself on, is the new Glendale/Mountain View Community Learning Center (CLC). Sitting over on the west side of town, between the Mountain View Elementary and Glendale Middle Schools, the CLC is a brand new community center that, as The Salt Lake Tribune puts it, goes beyond the typical school in what it can offer kids with both preschool and health and wellness services.

The new CLC is the second community center for the district, but at 30,000 square feet, it’s eight times bigger than the Rose Park building – and for good reason. The facility’s top-of-the-line resources make it a premiere destination for parents to send their pre-K kids to, and the health center ensures families with pressing health care issues will get all the support they need.

Make no mistake, Salt Lake is an absolute blast to hang out in, but we pay even more attention to making sure families are secure and confident in living here. If this sounds like your kind of town, talk to a Salt Lake City real estate agent at Muve Real Estate.