Another Chapter in Life – Muve’n On

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3 years ago a close friend and I decided against paying rent through our college career. We bought a home together and built equity making money while attending school, instead of burning money at both ends.

Johnny Soter and I set out on the 3030 journey May 5th, 2010. Cinco de Mayo – what not a better day to buy a house and have a 75+ person party in our new abode after taking down 3 walls to make way for a more open floor plan. Nights spent sleeping on the living room floor, covered in sheetrock dust until bedrooms were ready, dance parties of excitement on the freeway after picking up a new appliance or vacuum, and the standard bickering that comes from two guys living together for 3+ years made for one hell of a time in the bachelor pad, formally known as the “Dirty 3030.”

Johnny and I recently decided to part ways and begin new chapters in our lives. Our goal from the beginning was to set ourselves up for the next big muve in our future when the time came. A few months back, Johnny was ready for a new place. A place him and his girlfriend could start a life together. I wanted to refinance the property into my own name allowing me to keep the home and create a rental property.

I helped Johnny find his new home located on Beverly Street in Sugarhouse. It was an awesome experience helping a good buddy find his next home. I helped him find a place that needed a little tlc, but the perfect space for him, his soon to be wife, and puppy Charles.

Congrats to Johnny Soter, his fiance Elna Hamp, and #Charlesthepup on your new home purchase!

A Special thanks to Jason Gautreau for the kick ass work he did on both of our new loans and making it all happen.