‘Coffee with a Cop’ returns Thursday, September 26

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We’ve got nothing but respect for the police, but let’s be real, they’re not always the most approachable people on the street. Even if you haven’t done anything wrong and are just looking to shoot the breeze about the day, public safety concerns or what you had for breakfast, the gun, badge and general air of authority can be a little off-putting at times. And that’s a shame, because there’s a lot of constructive action cities can take by engaging in an open, honest dialogue with police officers.

Enter “Coffee with a Cop.” It’s exactly what it sounds like: Once a month (specifically, every fourth Thursday) people in Salt Lake can meet with representatives from the city’s police department in a local coffee store, grab a cup and talk shop. It’s a rare chance to speak directly to our local boys and girls in blue about things we’d like to see changed, improved or focused on to help make safety around town even better than it already is.

“Sharing a cup of coffee is a great way to get to know someone and we’re hoping to hear what public safety issues are top of mind for the public during our ‘Coffee with a Cop’ stops,” Police Chief Chris Burbank said in a press statement at the onset of the program. “The officers on hand will be prepared with information about issues in the area and talk with residents about ways to work together to reduce crime.”

“Coffee with a Cop” began back in January of this year and is slated to return for its monthly occurrence this Thursday, September 26. If you’ve got any questions to ask our police, make sure to drop by. And if you have any other questions about living in Salt Lake City, talk to the Salt Lake City realtors at Muve Real Estate today!