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Here at Muve we are dedicated to ensuring our clients are provided with the best opportunity at hand for any situation. I made no exception on my most recent transaction. As a licensed Real Estate Agent, affiliated with Windermere Real Estate, I specialize in short sales. What exactly is a short sale you may ask? A short sale is a seller’s chance to avoid foreclosure, something I have become very passionate about. A short sale allows a seller to list the home, receive offers on the property and sell the home for less than what the remaining mortgage balance is. I work diligently with the bank to negotiate a price to sell the home that is in line with current market value. Many times, given current market conditions, the value is less than what the homeowner owes on the mortgage. This allows the bank to recognize a loss if the mortgage balance is above and beyond the market value. Saving a client from foreclosure has become a motivating way to use my Real Estate knowledge and give back to people in hard times.

This most recent short sale was an uphill battle from the get go. I started this file in February 2012 and just closed it a few weeks ago here in December 2012. Ten months of persistently working with the bank to save my client from foreclosure, allowing her to muve on to the next chapter in her life. A short sale, once closed, allows a homeowner to get their financial feet back under them. Our team of real estate professionals has helped over 50 local people muve on from situations like this in the past few years. The majority of people who take the short sale route are able to purchase a home again within a few years unlike a foreclosure.

A few months into negotiating with the bank, they sold the mortgage to another company, just one bump in the road. This particular property had 2 mortgages on title, making it very difficult for the 1st mortgage to accept an offer at market value. I did not let this stop me. Pushing hard, I was able to provide an accurate market analysis, informing the bank as to where the current property value was.

In my short sales, I also work to clear any judgments and/or liens that the homeowner is currently facing. This short sale had two additional liens. I worked very hard to get these covered by the bank for closing, as I always do. Unfortunately on this listing I was unable to achieve that. The homeowner was facing some hard financial times, making it impossible for her to pay these liens out of her own pocket. I did not want to see her go to foreclosure. I took a personal cut on my commission to pay off her tax lien, and a portion of an HOA balance resulting in a successful short sale, and a new direction in my client’s life.

The Muve team understands the value of building client relations, as well as keeping the interest of our clients our top priority. We are in business to provide adequate market knowledge in everything we do. Why do we do this? Because we are Muve, and we are Redefining Real Estate.