Salt Lake Realtor Confessions: Partiality for Rainbows

A staunch advocate of the LGBT commUNITY, the Muve Group office is abuzz with anticipation and excitement for Salt Lake City’s annual Pride Festival and Parade, just two weeks away, commencing May 31.

What better way to get excited about 2017 Pride than to share some great memories captured from last year’s event?! From Rainbow-Oriented attire- boas and flags, to parade participants & floats & families & friends marching as one in unity, Utah’s Pride Festival (Pride Elevated) has it all!

Proud of our diversity, with a unified mix of gay, bi and straight associates, Muve Group are beyond excited to support and be involved in this year’s important commUNITY event!

The Muve Group cannot and will NOT be restrained in our passionate efforts to support the LGBT community, promoting and attending important events, such as Equality Utah’s annual Allied dinner and the annual Pride Festival and Parade.

Tempted? You should be.
Submit and #jointhMUVEment
We’ll see YOU at the Festival and Parade.

Note: this year’s Pride Parade is on Sunday, June 4 with step-off at 10.00am. The Parade will begin at 200 South and West Temple and end at 200 South, 400 East.

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Salt Lake City Pride Festival
Wednesday, May 31st- Sunday, June 4th