Mt. Olympus: Music, Metadata & Memories – Meet Madeline & John

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Making Music, Metadata and Memories in Mount Olympus – Meet Madeline and John

We love what we do and the kindred spirits we meet at the Muve Group, so it’s a privilege to introduce you to two… make that six, of our extended family – Madeline, John and their four beloved kitties – Clawed, Cosmo, Dexter and Gonzo.

Madeline and John acquired their beautifully remodeled, mid-century Mount Olympus property in August 2016. At the time of ‘the hunt’, Madeline was performing in Europe as a soloist and John was feverishly selling their home back East. Her full schedule meant that John was tasked with the responsibility of vetting, and finally choosing their home in Salt Lake City, with the expert help of Muve Group founders, Cathy and Greg.

Obtaining the coveted position of Concertmaster within the Utah Symphony Orchestra was literal music to Madeline and John’s ears, as they had been longing for change, having spent close to two decades in Baltimore, Maryland. Madeline previously upheld the position of Associate Concertmaster within the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra, and John was more than okay with the muve, as he could work from home as an IT project manager. Visit to learn more about Madeline and to hear her play.

A rusty vintage ‘Cafe’ sign in the living room is a focal point, conversation starter and homage to their former home state. Procured from a reclamation store in Baltimore, the piece was part of a larger sign for a Rhode Island Ave eatery in Washington DC. M and J love the sign and so do we! Despite notching serious time together in Baltimore, the couple spent their formative years apart, with John growing up in Columbus, Ohio and Madeline in Denton, Texas. Decorative masks and photography reveal the couple’s love of exotic travel and culture, garnering passport stamps from Argentina, Belize, Chile, Costa Rica, Galapagos, Kenya, Mexico, Peru and South Africa; with Madagascar as their confirmed summer destination.

Having acquired such a beautiful property, Madeline and John are more than happy to while away their free time at home. M’s love of the classics, evident via her profession and her penchant for reading historical fiction; while John’s literature of choice leans toward non-fiction and politics. They do share a love of sci-fi and comedy film, with notable favorites being Back to the Future, Goonies and Star Wars.
Weekend evenings are typically spent within SLC due to Madeline’s performance schedule while Sundays are almost always devoted to hiking about beautiful Mount Olympus and the spectacular countryside. Naturally, M and J reward themselves post-hike with beers, grilling and chilling with their four furry characters.

A quick family introduction to the fur babes:
• Clawed is affectionate with ulterior motives. He’s needy and a bit of a bully in the process. His name is simple word play at its best – ‘Claude’ versus ‘Clawed’.
• Cosmo is Madeline’s old bud, rescued some 16 years ago from Baltimore’s alleys before finding comfort in the great indoors.
• Dexter was bestowed with a cool moniker long before the cult TV show emerged. Like most behemoths, he’s a lover, not a fighter.
• Gonzo is named after the Imperial Porter beer. He’s sleek, fast and a killer.

As for preferred real estate within their beloved home, Madeline follows in her feline household’s paw prints, opting for the sunny, light-filled kitchen window seat to savor wine and read magazines, while John retreats to his ‘man hollow’ (garage), to tinker on his ‘work in progress’, that will be systematic in organization yet artful in appearance, using acquired vintage signs, and not the least bit retentive. He’s also currently planning to build a birdhouse or two.
With more time at their disposal, M and J venture to Idaho or Moab to revel in Mother Nature’s splendor. When winter descends, they’re snuggled up inside, or mincing about a gallery or museum before enjoying dinner at a local eatery.

Both Cathy and Greg were so thrilled to meet Madeline and John and work with them to find a home that first met their needs, and checked off a few wish list items in the process. Muve Group understands ‘home’ is different for everyone. We know, love and appreciate Salt Lake City and greater Utah. We listen and we care. Call us on 801.244.5827 and we’ll help you find your cozy nest.