Melodic Terminus – Salt Lake City’s The Depot

Balmy weather finally graced us in Salt Lake City this past weekend, along with a mixed bag of options to while away the time. Whether beats, ink or pedals and spokes are your thing, there was plenty to be excited about – the National Handmade Bike Convention, annual Tattoo Show, ‘Get Lucky’ – an electronic dance music festival, plus an all-star line-up at the Depot.

The Muve Group gathered with audiophiles downtown at The Depot to catch performances by Bayonne, Beach Slang and Minus the Bear. The Depot is such a fantastic but misleading venue to first-timers. As you enter, it often appears desolate, but cast your eyes upward and there you’ll spy the ardent regulars – a 21+ crowd, either at the bar or mixing within the VIP lounges.

If you’re unfamiliar, ‘Bayonne’ is Roger Sellers’ stage name, and he brought his A-game, serenading and engaging fans with his synonymous pop sound, before punk/pop outfit, Beach Slang hit the stage. Originating in 2013, Beach Slang’s reputation preceded them, given a previous raucous SLC performance, along with rumors of possible dissolution. Their energy and focus seemed honed and unified, much to their fans’ relief and approval. As time wore on, the barflies migrated south to the dance floor in preparation for Minus the Bear.

Mellow, blue stage lighting set the tone for Minus the Bear’s eventual appearance. Founded in Seattle in 2001, Minus the Bear has been returning to, and wooing Salt Lake audiences since. Curious types may wonder as to the group’s name. It’s a references to a 1970s television show, weaved into a band inside joke. (We’ll let you investigate further). Minus the Bear opened with “Last Kiss” – a track from their latest album, Voids, while their third song, “Nights” caused the crowd to erupt, demonstrating their deep appreciation and respect for the group’s obvious musical prowess. “Pachuca Sunrise” (circa 2005), rounded out the eclectic set.

The post performance afterglow was palpable, as the crowd began to disperse from The Depot. This week’s line-up is a fine example of the compelling and diverse acts visiting and playing in our fine city. Don’t miss Strfkr with Psychic Twin, Yonder Mountain and Bebe Rexha.

Salt Lake City is far from sleepy. There’s always something happening. If you’d like to live amongst the daily goings on, or even move closer to the downtown area, contact the Muve Group on 801.474.2274 and we’ll happily share our listings with you.