Our D&M (Deep & Meaningful) with D&M (Dani & Marisa)

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We’re a fortunate bunch at Muve Group. We feel blessed to live in spectacular Salt Lake City, we truly love what we do, and we wholeheartedly appreciate our extended network – our ‘commUNITY’. Family, friends, hardworking team members, clients, associates and the greater communities within Salt Lake City and greater Utah are our beloved, extended family.

We’d like to introduce you to two of our extended family – Dani and Marisa. Dani is an attorney, specializing in family law and empowered advocacy, while Marisa is an Obstetrician/Gynecologist, splitting her time between the brand spanking new U of U Farmington Clinic and the nearby University Hospital.

Marisa purchased one of our favorite Mid-Century modern revivals from us in 2014. Originally built in 1954, the Muve Group remodeled the property in 2013. We love D and M’s home ‘almost’ as much they do, especially their treatment of the space – imparting their collective personal flair and style through their artwork and mementos, color schemes and décor.

Last Summer, Dani and Marisa collaborated with a landscape artist to design and realize their ideal outdoor space. The result is stunning, and they couldn’t be happier, given their upcoming June nuptials, and their “very comfortable, warm, super squishy, heavenly life”. An intimate Summer wedding in Salt Lake City! How beautiful.

Dani and Marisa’s home is a warm and welcoming space, scented by freshly ground coffee, occasional baked cookies and lovingly prepared, home-cooked meals. Cathy recently stopped by to say hello and get a little familiar, because that’s what family and friends do.

At home, (sans power suits and scrubs), these two are like any other young, newly engaged couple, vying for more sleep, relaxation and objecting to some necessary aspects of adult life, (removing the lint from the dryer for one).

Dani and Marisa somehow strike a balance between their busy and demanding professional lives and a shared love of nature and adventure, including being human tea bags, with daily ‘steeping’ time in their hot tub. To the point that Marisa wonders if their tub time has become excessive, given the manufacturer’s “high-use household” label being applied to those who hot tub more than three times per week.

When they do manage to extricate themselves from the hallowed hot tub, these two outdoorsy gals love to swim, brunch with family and friends (shout outs to East Liberty Tap House and Current), nap, climb and read. Dani cites ‘When Things Fall Apart’ as her keystone for learning how to let go and relax into the pain of everyday life, while Marisa leans toward the work of Jon Krakauer, Malcolm Gladwell and Mary Roach, and the occasional sci-fi read… just as Dana Scully would do!

Television isn’t high on the agenda these days due to heavy work schedules and the aforementioned hot tub, but both confessed their younger viewer inclinations. For Dani it was ‘Give Me a Break’ and ‘Punky Brewster’, while Marisa admits to following Fox Mulder’s and Dana Scully’s encounters on ‘X-Files’. She never missed an episode, adorned her college dorm room with the “Trust No One” poster, and proudly displayed the action figures. All X-Files paraphernalia has since been (carefully) packed away in a treasure box somewhere.

Home is where the HEART is.
Dani and Marissa, and their beautiful home exemplify the Muve Group’s vision. We meet amazing, inspiring people every day, and we help them (and ourselves in the process), fulfill their dreams. We locate the properties, and we work together to create homes, where you want to linger longer and yearn to retreat to when away.

Call us at the Muve Group on 801.474.2274. We’d be thrilled to help you locate (and possibly revive) your potential dream home, just as we did with Dani and Marissa.