The Perks of Park City

Listing Price: $2,900,000
Area: Park City
Size: 3,700 sq. ft. / Acreage: 0.06
Bed: sq. ft.

Property Highlight:
Old Town ~ Park City ~ Style

The leaves have changed. The ground is wet, and the asphalt shines as a bright contrast from the darkened sky and the hazy air. This is only the beginning of the perks of living in Park City.

We’ve entered Autumn—quite possibly our favorite season here in Utah, a welcome break from the heat of the summer, and a cool foreshadowing of the winter… which we’re told is coming. And, believe us when we say that there’s no better place to enjoy the beauty of Fall, than Park City.

This place practically wrote the book on old town vibes, and it sprinkled in a healthy dose of mountain majesty to go along with them. You know how you were scrolling through your tumblr feed a few minutes ago, past those photos of cabins and trees and mountains and asking yourself just how it is that one escapes the doldrums of the city life? Where can such a place be found? And is it possible to get away from it all without sacrificing civilization completely?

The answers, in order, are:
-they decide to
-probably lots of places… but definitely Park City, UT
-yes, duh

Park City is a mere 40 minutes from the shared bike lanes of Salt Lake City. But try recalling such a fact as you’re watching the fog roll in over the autumn leaves, or grabbing a slice on old town Main Street, or catching a matinee at the Egyptian Theatre, or rolling out the air mattress for (insert some celebrity you’d want to roll out an air mattress for during Sundance).

That’s what Park City has to offer: Escape without isolation. Beauty without desolation. And, like… lots of other cool stuff.