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In my opinion, real estate is the best way to grow wealth. If you want to find this wealth, get involved in real estate — but I’m not talking about just any real estate. Multi-Family Apartments, 4-plex’s and even duplex’s are a fantastic way to build wealth. If you haven’t done it before, it’s a LOT to take in. It can be intimidating and the process can be complicated- but the returns are high, and I promise, if you’re fully invested- you can learn how to do it.

If you go into multi-family the right way, over the next decade it could be the best investment of your lifetime.

There are many indications that multi-family investments will continue to be great:

  • 75 million Baby Boomers are headed into retirement
  • Many of today’s apartment complexes may be converted to retirement communities in the future
  • Many millennials aren’t buying homes
  • It’s getting more expensive to build new apartment units

These are all very Global indicators that these investments will be great, and if you know Utah like we do, we are a special case because you can multiply all of those factors by ten due to the pure magnitude of Tech, Finance, and Start-ups that are in our market. (Goldman Sachs,Adobe, IM Flash, Overstock.com, ZAGG just to name a few)

Don’t get me wrong, I am a HUGE supporter in personal home ownership as a Millennial, however the numbers don’t lie! Currently 15% of Utah’s market population (117,000) are the Millennial Concentration that will be infiltrating the job market and needing places to live. Unfortunately only 35% of those millennials once they graduate college purchase either Townhomes or Single Family Homes. The percentages go up at the age of 35yrs. old. I see this as a huge opportunity in two ways, First- Be the exception as a millennial and save up your 3% down and go buy a home, you can even buy up to a 4plex with 3% down and pay your mortgage with your tenants rent. Second- Think BIG, start off with personal residence, and continue to reinvest anyway possible to get that door count to increase over the years.

Your initial challenge is getting a down payment. Once you do, it’s easier to get a loan on a multi-family unit than any other piece of real estate. Multi-family is the easiest way to find wealth once you’re in the game.

Income-producing real estate investments can also provide excellent appreciation in value. Properties usually increase in value when the net operating income of the property improves through rent increases and effective management of the property. There are also tax benefits and hedges on inflation.

Think Big.

If you are interested in starting off with a duplex or over 120 unit apartment building give us a call. We just might have the Off-Market opportunities that you have been searching for.




Sean Steinman

The Muve Group