5 steps to get your home in SHOW READY condition

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We have a lot of people who reach out to us and ask what they need to do to their homes in order to get it ready to put on the market. Of course there are always going to be specific suggestions with each property, but these 5 steps are a good start when trying to get top dollar for your house.

1. Declutter

Put away, throw away, or hide all of those little items in your house that make the room feel smaller. Family pictures, religious pieces, and souvenirs from your latest trip should all be out of sight. Remember, we are trying to make the buyers feel like they are walking into THEIR new home, not taking a tour of yours.

2. Make the Small Repairs

It is worth spending a little bit of time and money to fix all those little dings and dents in your house that are a result of living in a house. Fill any holes in the walls, replace burnt out light bulbs, and make sure the doors open and close smoothly. A good tip is to walk into your house and walk through as if YOU were going to buy it. Take note of the little things that stand out to you and fix them. Every buyer has a way to remember each property as they are going back through them. We want them to call your house “the one with the cool fireplace” instead of “the one where the light in the living room didn’t work”.


Notice that this is in all caps for a reason. We don’t mean clean your house like you do each weekend. Clean your house like you are throwing a party for the President. People don’t want to come in and see your dirty dishes in the sink, marks on the floorboards, and that stain that you can’t explain how it got there. While a clean house doesn’t translate directly into a monetary value, it could make the difference in a buyer making an offer on your home as opposed to someone else’s and help you avoid a price drop.

4. Stage your house

If you are not currently living in your house, it is always a good idea to leave NICE furniture in the home while you are selling it. Modern, lightly used furniture seems to work the best in our experience, so go ahead and take away the couch with the sheet on it because the dogs have ripped it up. Showing a functional yet open floor-plan with open spaces is key, so avoid large bulky furniture.

5. Make it SMELL good

While we can always appreciate a home cooked meal, there is a time and a place. Walking into a house and smelling everything that has been cooked in the last month is not exactly what we are going for. That being said, don’t go overboard here and plug something in at every outlet. One in the living room, kitchen, and a light deodorizer in the bathroom is about right for most homes. Spend a little extra money here and go to Bath and Body Works. The extra $25 goes a long way.

Like we said earlier, every house is going to have it’s own special quirks and fixes that should be addressed. If you would like help with finding what these are in your home, call Brad at 801-230-5236 and we will give you our recommendations of how to get your home to sell for top dollar.

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