Sweetening The World Off Its Feet

Why two dads want you to indulge in a new cause.

WHO THEY ARE. When Ryan Hogan and Dave Tucker took the step to become entrepreneurs, they also became more aware and concerned about the quality of food being served at their kids’ elementary schools in Salt Lake City, Utah. “Like most food available today, it wasn’t nutritious,” says Ryan. “It was (the) classic heat and serve stuff like chicken nuggets and pizza.” Ryan, a former Naval Hospital Corpsman and natural products industry expert has always been one to take action. So, on a scorching day in June 2015, Ryan and Dave pulled their recently purchased inflatable obstacle course, a couple of weight vests and some cameras out of their cars and hauled the gear into a local classroom for their first informative event. Watching them, no one would’ve guessed that one of the most important childhood obesity battles was about to begin.


The Cofounders formed a nonprofit foundation, The SweetLife Movement, to combat childhood obesity by hosting interactive and educational events in schools across the state and have enlisted the help of local celebrities, professional athletes and the like. One of their most important missions is to educate students about reducing the amount sugar they eat, and instead, to use healthier alternatives like XyloSweet and Lite&Sweet.

WHY IT’S AMAZING. Students are jumping on board the health movement while learning about the side effects of sugary foods and treats. The foods and activities that The SweetLife Movement team recommends compliment a life time of healthy nutrition and fitness for you while also being cost effective, so it’s a win-win!

One of their most important lessons is to educate students about reducing the amount sugar they eat and instead use. SWEETENING THE WORLD OFF ITS FEET



Learn more and donate to The SweetLife Movement at TheSweetLifeMovement.com