The Muve Group’s Autumn Newsletter

For our Autumn Newsletter we’ll be looking into a survey conducted by Discover Home Loans that looks at the home buying process and examines how to make the process less stressful. We also have event dates for Jazz games and the dates we have all been waiting for: When the ski resorts open.

In the survey Discover Home Loans conducted, it revealed just how prepared future homebuyers actually are for one the biggest parts of home buying: the mortgage process.

On the bright side, 94% of prospective buyers believe they are making the right choice for their home and 66% reached out to realtors to determine if their purchase was a good investment, however, there was less confidence for buyers about the actual mortgage process.

The mortgage process is a confusing affair for most people. The amount of information that is required for the buyer to understand is overwhelming. In fact, the survey showed that almost 66% feel overwhelmed with the amount of information, 76% of those surveyed are under the age of 30, 76% of first time buyers feel overwhelmed and 54% of those who have previously owned a house still felt the mortgage process was the most overwhelming aspect of purchasing a new home.

The bottom line: purchasing a home can put a lot of pressure on a relationship or family. Using mortgage and real estate professional assistance can relieve a lot of this pressure throughout the process.

Hiring a pro is also recommended by Fannie Mae and suggests that unless you have a lot of experience selling homes, it makes more financial sense to get a professional to help with the process. A professional can help determine the best short-term price for the seller and long-term cost for the buyer.

Overall, every aspect, from finding a home to signing the mortgage paperwork, is stressful. The easiest way to eliminate the most stress during the process is to work with a trusted and respected professional. The experience they can bring to the table will be worth the monetary savings and peace of mind.

Event Dates

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